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At Legal Funding 4u, Inc., we are your one-stop READY CASH source for the sale of:

As consumer asset-finance specialists, our contract buyers can also provide an immediate advance of cash for a pending inheritance currently in probate, a pre-legal settlement, or even short term loans on collectible consumer items such as art, jewelry, vehicles, etc.

Are you the holder of a private Owner-Financed Mortgage Note on a single family residence, duplex, triplex, or fourplex who now finds the need to sell your note or a portion of its income stream?  If so, you've come to the right spot.

Our mortgage note contract buyers can purchase all of your remaining note balance, a portion of the remaining balance, or even a series of future monthly note payments to provide you with the LUMP SUM Cash you need now. Find out more

If you are the holder of a Seller-Financed Business Note and find you now require LUMP SUM Cash instead of the monthly payment, we can help.  Our experienced business note contract buyers are actively seeking high-quality, performing notes to add to their portfolios.  You can find out more regarding our capabilities and get a FAST CASH Quote on a performing business note by clicking here.

At Legal Funding 4u, Inc., we are active buyers of annuity-styled payment streams and many insurance policies.  If you find the need for FAST LUMP SUM CASH for a Structured Settlement, Gaming Award, Investment Annuity, or need an advance on an insurance policy structured as a Senior Life Settlement, our contract buyers can provide you with a "Top-Dollar" quotation, often within just a few hours and funding within just a few short days.  Find out more here.

If you are the legal beneficiary of a pending inheritance which is tied up in a probate proceeding and find the need for a LUMP SUM of Cash now, we can help.  Our experienced contract buyers can advance immediate cash based upon the anticipated value of your pending inheritance to fulfill your current cash requirements. For additional information on securing an Inheritance Advance from Legal Funding 4u, Inc., simply click here

At Legal Funding 4u, Inc., we provide pre-settlement cash to personal injury victims.  Our cash advance can assist you in meeting your current living expenses and allow your attorney to invest the necessary time to secure a just settlement on your behalf.  To find out more about a Pre-Settlement Legal Advance and how it can benefit you as an injured party, simply click here

The experienced contract buyers at Legal Funding 4u, Inc. are specialists in providing unique financial solutions to consumers in need of ready cash.  In addition to the many consumer services already mentioned, we are also buyers of non-performing mortgage loan portfolios, auto paper portfolios, and can even assist you in sourcing the necessary financing for your small family owned business when traditional bank lending is not an option.  To find out more and explore our significant additional commercial finance capabilities, you can click here.